Ihar Babkou: Khvilinka

Ihar Babkou (Хвілінка/ A Minute, 2013)

Out of 7 books published by Ihar Babkou three won particular attention of the reading public from Belarus and from beyond. His first book of poetry “Solus Rex” received Hliniany Viales (a Belarusian Literary Award set by the Society of Free Literature Men ) back in 1994. His novel “Adam Klakotski and his Shadows” (2002) has been translated into Polish and was short-listed for Angelus Literary Award in 2009. In 2012 Ihar received Zalaty Apostraf Award (set by literary journal “Dzeyaslou”) for the best prose publication over 2011. His second novel “Kvilinka” became the laureate of Gedroyc Literary Award this year. The site of the Award offers a review of the book as well abstracts from it, together with the recent information on the author.

Another relevant review of the novel “Khvilinka” (compared with Шклатара, 2013, a novel by Artur Klinau) by philosopher Maksim Zhbankou can be found here (In Belarusian):

Ihar Babkou’s text about Belarusian literature today in Hungarian Review (in English) is available here:

Reflections upon his recent five books by Jan Maksymiuk (In Belarusian):

Audio and video records of the author (Ihar Babkou reciting poetry):

Ihar Babkou's texts have been translated into English, German, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian.

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