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The contemporary Armenian Literature is characterised by its significant differentiation, and, what is equally important, is marked by the change of generations. In the first years after the fall of the Soviet regime, Hrant Matevosyan (1935-2002) was one of the most significant personalities, while today we could hardly name any author with such a dominant position or speak about dominating tendencies or movements. Although, as far as age and experience are concerned, we can talk about a strong generation that found itself between two epochs and a younger generation of contemporary Armenian writers, those whose intellectual maturity was only attained after the fall of the Soviet Union, and who entered the literary world with the life experience different from the one of their "fathers". One of the most translated contemporary Armenian writers, recently deceased Levon Khechoyan belongs to the first group. The group also includes Gurgen Khanjyan, a journalist and a writer Vahram Martirossyan, Armen Shekoyan, who is well known for his experimental style, and a master of short epic genres Susanna Harutyunyan. As far as the younger generation is concerned, we could mention Hovhannes Teqgyozyan and Aram Pachyan. Struggling to win favour of the readers, they face challenges of the market economy. In addition, although the circulation of the published books is growing slowly, there are many interesting tendencies in the current literary life. One of them is establishing platforms and literary clubs supposed to represent an alternative to the "Union of Armenian Writers". These activities present a positive outlook for the future.

Violet Grigorian (1962) Vahe Arsen (1978) Hovhannes Yeranyan (1963) Armen Shekoyan (1953) Hovhannes Teqgyozyan (1983)

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