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The contemporary Belarusian literature finds itself in a situation of a strong competition with the volumes of book production in Russia and translations of the world literature. The term "national literature" in Belarus today is specific for its literary works, developing in the context of a formal bilingualism, which, in practice, represents the predominance of Russian language. As far as the genre structure is concerned, Belarus is not an exception in the world trends, aiming towards "light" genres (detective novels of all kind, fantasy novels, etc.). From the point of view of topics, in the "high quality" literature, prevailing topics usually are: World War II, Chernobyl, the Belarusian countryside, also with new motives appearing: general facts on ongoing processes and the current life in Belarusian cities. Besides that, experimentation in style and form is present.

What is significant for the contemporary Belarusian literature is the co-existence of two forms of literary works: "official" and "alternative". The first of the two is basically represented by members of The Association of Writers of Belarus led by Mikalai Charhinets. The second The Association of Belarusian Writers. The poet and prose writer, Uladzimir Niakliaeu is considered the main opponent. However, the contemporary literature is rather a literature of "individualists", out of whom each creates their own art world and that is why hardly any institutional affiliation influences the creative work of real artists.

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