Visegrad Eastern Partnership Literary Award Winner



On the 19th June 2018 Visegrad Eastern Partnership Literary Award jury meeting took place in Prague. There were 5 members of the jury – Tereza Chlaňová and Hana Kosáková (Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague), Ĺubor  Matejko (Faculty of Arts, Comenius University in Bratislava), Katarzyna Jakubowska-Krawczyk (Department of Ukrainian Studies of the University of Warsaw), Lajos Pálfalvi (Assocation of Hungarian Literary Translators, Budapest). There were 14 nominations from 5 countries (Armenia, Moldova, Georgia, Belarus, Ukraine). Finally 8 books were chosen to decide from – Serhiy Zhadan from Ukraine (Iнтeрнат), Vladimir Rafeenko from Ukraine (Дoлгoта днeй), Artem Czech from Ukraine (Toчка нуль), Oleksnadr Doczynec from Ukraine (Мафтeй. Kнига написана сухим пeрoм), Susanna Harutyunyan from Armenia (The Ravens Before Noa), Marcel Gherman from Moldova (Parallel Universes), Archil Kikodze from Georgia (Southern Elephant), Alhierd Bakharevich from Belarus (Dogs of Europe). The decision was not easy, discusion took nearly two hours and finally the jury agreed upon Владимир Рафeeнкo. Congratulations! Now we are preparing the translation of the book by Vladimir Rafeenko into Czech, in autumn the book will be published in the publishing house Větrné mlýny (Brno).

Video from the awarding ceremony which took place on the 11th April 2019 in Studentský klub Celetná (Student club Celetná, address: Celetná 20, Prague 1, 110 00) at 18 p.m.

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Photos from the Visegrad Eastern Partnership Award ceremony 2019